Do More, Stress Less, and Live Well

Become Super Productive

In this interactive course by Bradley Gauthier & Greg Hartle, you will:

  • Develop strong productivity skills in a distraction-filled world.
  • Reduce and limit stress.
  • Experience more free time to focus on what's important to you.
  • Greatly increase your overall work effectiveness.
  • Learn to manage pervasive productivity challenges including fear, uncertainty, doubt, procrastination, and analysis-paralysis.

This is a self-paced, action-based course for you to learn new methods, skills, techniques, and strategies for becoming super productive.

This course is built on a framework we've developed called the STEM Model addressing both your external (Systems & Tools) and your internal (Energy & Mindset) roadblocks that prevent you from experiencing optimal performance.

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This Course Is For You If...

You generally struggle to get work done in a timely manner.

You often find yourself distracted by what is going on around you, on television, or the internet when you should be focused on the task at hand.

You're looking for smarter, more effective ways to make use of tools and systems for improved work efficiency and performance.

You often experience doubt or uncertainty when taking on big projects and you want better methods to cope with both.

When it comes to work, projects, or other significant tasks, you tend to procrastinate or fall victim to analysis-paralysis.

You've read countless books, blog posts, or articles on productivity, but you've never invested the effort into developing the SKILL of productivity.

Course Syllabus

Why willpower and self-discipline are sabotaging your personal productivity

Understand and identify the roadblocks that are holding you back

How to apply the STEM Model -- Systems, Tools, Energy, Mindset -- to build a holistic solution to your personal productivity challenges

Understand why systems are important and how to design and implement systems that help you manage your workflow and commitments effectively

Learn how to choose appropriate productivity tools and leverage them for greater efficiency and effectiveness

Learn how to harness and channel your energy in productive ways

Learn strategies and methods for dealing with procrastination, analysis-paralysis, fear, and uncertainty

How to permanently change your behavior to become super productive

Learn proper stress management techniques to sustain long-term productivity

Celebrate and Next Steps

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Do More, Stress Less, and Live Well