Entrepreneur, Futurist, & Vagabond

Hi, I'm Brad

Me at a glance:

  • Grew up on an Indian Reservation.
  • Started first business at age of 12.
  • Collects vinyl records. Despite being a minimalist.
  • Vegetarian with occasional vegan streaks.
  • Been financially broke. Multiple times. Learned much.
  • Believes biomimicry and swarm robotics will change everything.
  • Almost became touring pro golfer.
  • Lived on the Las Vegas strip for 3 months.
  • Captivated by the mysteries of quantum mechanics.
  • And most importantly, loves life.

With the help of a growing team of talented folks, I builtĀ Sitecast.

Please watch this 2 minute clip to learn more about me and my journey to discover happiness:

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